Sunday, August 3, 2008

158. NB: Commentaries, Discussions, Discourses, Disagreements and Debates

Before continuing with my discussion of dudki and the Rite of Spring, I'd like to squeeze in this brief note, calling your attention to several very interesting and pointed commentaries by a poster calling himself "maju." Maju modestly describes himself as an amateur archaeologist, but may well be as knowledgeable in this field as many professionals. And unlike most archaeologists he also has an excellent grasp of the same type of genetic research that's been fascinating me so much over the last few years. He has a very interesting blog of his own: leherensuge

Maju's excellent and often extensive commentaries (and criticisms), with my equally extensive responses, can be found in the "Comments" sections of posts 153 and 123. There are over 60 comments so far, which should be of interest to anyone following this blog with any degree of serious attention.


Maju said...

Hiya. You should include a hotlink to the relevant post (or better, to its comments page). Most people (including myslef) is terribly lazy.

And, well, I would not really describe myself as an amateur archaeologist. I have never done any fieldwork of that sort and for me an archaeologist is someone directly involved in diggings. At most an amateur prehistorian.

But thanks for your compliments anyhow.

Victor said...

Hi maju. I've added the hotlinks as you suggested. Thanks.