Wednesday, February 24, 2010

315. Update

The exploratory overview that began with Post 225 is now complete -- or at least as complete as I feel capable of dealing with at the moment. There are other aspects of this scenario that I'd still like to explore, especially questions pertaining to the origin of competition and violence, which, as should be clear by now, were conspicuously absent from the value system of our MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestors -- aka HBP). But at this point I feel the need to concentrate on other matters -- primarily the three Cantometrics-based research projects to which I am currently committed, with three different sets of collaborators. (The work continues to progress on all fronts -- slooowwwwwly but surely.) And also a paper I'm preparing, based on some of the ideas I've been posting here. I feel the need to get all these thoughts together in a more coherent form and also to get them out there into the "real world" beyond the blogosphere. I'm hoping to put together something suitable for a "mainstream" anthropological journal, despite the apparent disdain such journals have traditionally had for the sort of things I've been up to. Guess I'm just an eternal optimist, but I have a feeling that the time is ripe for some major changes on that front. So wish me luck.

I want to thank everyone who's been reading here. Statcounter tells me there are several of you who are regular followers, though only a few have made the effort to comment. And the hit count is rapidly closing in on 60,000. Not bad for such an esoteric blog. I also want to thank German and Maju, who have contributed considerably with their frequent, and often very helpful comments, even when they disagree. I am grateful for their interest and their involvement.

I won't be posting as often as before, at least for the time being. Though I may post from time to time to report on new developments that have caught my attention, or to update everyone on my activities.

That's all for now, folks.



German Dziebel said...


You're just afraid to cross the Bering Strait. You know I will pick you apart. Maybe, when you are back from your sabbatical, we'll practice walking back from Asia to Africa.

All the best and thanks for all your efforts! Without you I wouldn't know a thing about ethnomusicology. I'll keep your busy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah sure -- I've been reading your page off and on for a while. I did my masters thesis on music as philosophy of science. The basic premise being that the 1-4-5 music intervals are found worldwide but that in Pythagorean harmonics there is violation of the commutative principle -- so that A x B does not equal B x A (i.e. 2:3 as C to G and G to C as 3:4).

O.K. so from that premise I argue that sound actually turns into light -- and this is now proven through ultrasound cavitation. Not only that I then discovered that yang is 2:3 and yin is 3:4 and what the Chinese called the "infinite spiral of fifths" is alchemy.

So then I studied with a qigong master Chunyi Lin and tested my model and found it was real -- I went 8 days without food and was not hungry and I created very strong electromagnetic fields and I saw light and did healing, had telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, etc.

O.K. so then I realized that the N/um of the Bushmen is the same as the jing of the Taoists, the kundalini of India -- from the three gunas -- and the tummo of Tibet, etc.

So the Bushmen Pgymy trance music is the original alchemy -- but it is based on a culture which had regular famines and fasting -- so that doing this practice of what I translated as "sound-current nondualism" does not fit with modern left-brain dominance in civilization.

I have a blog on this with all my research published for free.

German Dziebel said...


An interesting view on the evolution of singing in birds: domesticated birds experienced a relaxation of selective constraints whereby their singing lost its functional dependency on mate attraction and became more varied, flexible, open, "ornate."

Could be relevant for the evolution of musical styles in humans....

DocG said...

Hi Spiraldance. I took a glance at your website and found it interesting. You are exploring aspects of history and tradition from a very different perspective from what I'm presenting on this blog, but that doesn't mean I find your perspective necessarily wrong, misguided or irrelevant.

The blog represents only one side of who I am and one part of what interests me. The more subjective/ universal, personal/ impersonal, spritual and mythic aspects are expressed in my creative work -- poetry, installation art, musical composition, etc. And that side of me responds to the sort of thing that most interests you.

However, I do think it important to keep these realms separate, because I respect the scientific method and am interested in exploring its possibilties to the fullest. This blog represents the scientific side of my rather complicated personality and the other things I do are from a very different realm. What bothers me is that you seem to think you can combine both, and, with all respect, I'm very skeptical on that score.

Nice hearing from you and good luck with your very interesting endeavors.