Sunday, July 15, 2007

61. The Winds of Africa

I want at this point to let you hear some examples of African hocketed wind ensembles, as described and mapped by Roger Blench, which I've been focusing on since post 38. First, an ensemble of hocketing free pipes (with voices) as performed by Ouldeme people of the Mandara Mountains of Cameroon: Checki Vendelar (from Flutes of the Mandara Mountains, Ocora). Here's another example from the Mandara Mountains, this time a Mofou trumpet ensemble: Walay mepli sla (from Flutes of the Mandara Mountains, Ocora). Next, a recording by Simha Arom of a Banda Linda trumpet ensemble from the Central African Republic. And here's an example of voices hocketing with panpipes, from Mozambique: Nyanga. Finally, from the Mikea hunter/gatherers of Madagascar, an ensemble of hocketing reed pipes: Kiloloky (from Pays Mikea, Ocora).

Next time we'll listen to some similarly organized wind ensembles from other parts of the world, along the "Out of Africa" trail.

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